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Filmmakers Christine & Mark
with Robert

We know - you expected more people, right?
The two of us have been producing award winning films for over 12 years,
on virtually no budget. We hope this is a testament of just how
creative we can be and how much passion we have
for each and every one of our films.
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I've been working professionally in television for over 35 years. My
first professional job was as the videographer and editor of mini-documentaries that were created for WNED-TV, PBS in Buffalo, NY.

In 1986 I moved to Los Angeles, where I continued with camera work, editing work and technical directing. For 28 years I worked for the Fox Broadcasting Network, editing a number of network specials and receiving eight Promax Awards in the process.  

In 2002, my wife Christine and I formed our own production company, which we whimsically called My Monkey House, and in 2004 we started
producing documentaries. Our first, Letters To Defiance, won an Honorable Mention when it premiered at the 2005 ReelHeART International Film Festival in Toronto. It also won 2 Telly Awards and is currently showing on WBGU-PBS.

Our next film, In Times of War: Ray Parker, had its world premiere at the 2007 Durango Independent Film Festival where it won a Jury Commendation Award; it has since gone on to win 6 “Best Documentary Short" awards, and an Audience Choice Award at the 2012 Sedona International Film Festival. Our third documentary, Wings of Silver: The Vi Cowden Story, has won a total of 11 awards, including 5 Audience Choice Awards. 

We're continuing to capture new stories for the In Times of War Documentary Project, and have 17 amazing interviews with WWII veterans already recorded. These courageous men and women are dying at the average rate of 740 a day, and it's an honor for us to preserve their stories.

All of our projects thus far are self funded, using our savings and all of our spare time, but it is worth it! Our reward is the creation of documentaries that touch so many people, and open them up to a world they might never have otherwise known. One thing I especially love is that each project is done by only Christine and myself, and not a huge production company.

Now, with "Robert Shields: My Life As A Robot", we're having the time of our lives expanding our versatility in the area of biographical documentaries. Robert Shields has, literally, gotten us up off our seats and out into a whole new world of art and action!

I began my documentary work in radio at WUWU 107.7 FM in Buffalo, NY, producing and hosting a half-hour weekly program, “Issues and Insights.” Two years later, I found myself living in Vienna, Austria, working as an actor with the International Theatre. I starred in 12 productions in Vienna as well as tours throughout Austria, Germany and Switzerland. When I returned to the States three years later, I went to work for WNED-TV (PBS) where I was an Associate Producer for their award winning documentaries, Turning Points and Great Lakes in Crisis - and met my future husband, Mark.   

After moving to California, Mark and I married (over 25 years ago - that's
110 in Hollywood years!) and then began our own production company, My Monkey House, in 2002.  My memories of looking at my grandmother's collection of wildly witty illustrated envelopes sent by my uncle from his WWII military postings inspired me to seek them out again; with my uncle’s blessing, Mark and I began the journey that became Letters To Defiance.

This documentary opened the door to meeting other WWII veterans and hear their amazing accounts of military service, and thus the award-winning In Times of War Documentary Project was born.

Along with our documentary work, I've produced several plays to raise funds for local charities.